APL by JJ for website

My photographic interests are varied; my over-riding objective lies in exploring my feelings and reactions to the world around me through my images.

When photographing landscapes, I strive to capture the mood and emotion of the moment: what I feel as well as what I see. I am particularly fascinated by water, and where it merges with land and sky. Using long exposures and minimal detail, a scene is reduced to its essential elements, thereby paradoxically expressing complex feelings and emotions.

I am also interested in the mundane and banal details of urban and rural environments, especially when these are incongruous and at odd with the common – and often idealised – view of a location or activity.

I became an enthusiastic underwater photographer after learning to scuba dive in 1998, and was an active member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers. I still scuba dive, but since the end of 2016 I no longer take a camera with me.

I am largely self-taught, but acknowledge my gratitude to the professional photographers whose workshops I have attended over the years, as well as to other photographers who have generously shared their knowledge and enthusiasm with me.

(Image courtesy of Jean Jameson)